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Spring Classes
begin Tuesday
April 18th


The Spring '17
Song Collection is



What's next for your
5, 6, or 7 year old?


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"All Children are Musical..."


Music Together's philosophy is simple: All children are musical, and they will learn music best by enjoying playful musical activities with you!

Music Together is in internationally recognized research-based music and movement program for children.  Each class session creates a musically rich, fun, and informal atmosphere for children and their parent or caregiver to explore the joy of making music while learning the building blocks of tonal and rhythmic competence.

Activities include a variety of singing, chants, rhythmic and tonal play, small and large movement experiences such as  finger play, dance and free movement, as well as use of rhythmic props, instrumental jams, and more!

Music Together classes are designed to maximize time well spent with your child, and time well spent in a musically rich environment.


For class locations visit: 

(800) 728-2692

Welcome, Families!

Spring Classes begin April 18th!!

Yellow House Music proudly offers Music Together
® music and movement classes in the Jamestown, NY area.


Yellow House Music offers...
Music and movement classes using the Music Together curriculum for children in two age ranges: 
Mixed Age classes for Birth through Kindergarten and Big Kids™ for 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds.

Children and parents, grandparents, and caregivers gather together to share music making in FUN, no-pressure, group classes. It's musical. It's social. It's a joyful activity for you and your kids!


Zoom, zoom, drivin' in the car...

Come and feel the rhythm, clap your hands, stomp the beat, and shout for joy...   
Family music time is here!

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